The tear in the lining of the anal canal is known as anal fissure. The cut in the skin causes pain and bleeding during and after bowel movements. Though it is seen in infants and young children, it can affect people of any age group. Normally it heals on its own, else treatment is necessary like medications. “Anal fissure treatment by Dr. Ashish Bhanot involves medications, home remedies, exercises, and surgery.

Anal fissure is caused by constipation, passing hard stools, trauma to the inner lining of the anus, chronic diarrhoea, straining during bowel movements, childbirth, decreased blood flow to the anorectal area, etc. It can also be caused by HIV, anal cancer, tuberculosis, syphilis, and herpes. Factors like old age, childbirth, infancy, anal intercourse, crohn’s disease, and inflammatory bowel disease can make people develop anal fissure.

Anal Fissure treatment in Dwarka at AUM Clinics

People who suffer from anal fissure show various symptoms, on the basis of which the treatment is given by Dr. Ashish Bhanot, are pain in anal area during bowel movements, bleeding with bowel movements, burning sensation in the anal area, visible cut in the skin around the anus, skin tag near the anal fissure, red blood on the stool, etc. The doctor provides treatment after examining the area around the anus. In some cases endoscopy is also done for a better evaluation of the signs and symptoms.

People can stave off the development of fissure by drinking plenty of liquids and fluids, keeping the area around the anal dry, properly cleaning the anal area with warm water, getting diarrhoea treated immediately, frequently changing the diapers of the infants and by doing exercises regularly. As for treating the anal fissures, home remedies are suggested to the patients like stool softeners, sitz baths, etc. Patients are asked to eat food rich in fibers like raw fruits and vegetables, and drink a good amount of fluids. It does not need extensive treatment, however, if the symptoms do not vanish after two weeks, the doctor must be consulted. Surgery like sphincterotomy is done by the doctor only when the medications and home remedies fall through.

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