Anal Fistula Plug is made up of sub mucosa of small intestine and is a highly sophisticated absorbable material which is absorbed/dissolved by the body in 6-8 weeks. This plug is placed and anchored in the fistula tract by a special technique and the internal opening is closed over it. VAAFT can be combined with anal Fistula plug in some patients with good results.


  • Non-invasive- The procedure involves no cutting, scarring or distortion of anatomy at all.
  • Little pain- The procedure is associated with comparatively little pain as there in no cutting involved.
  • Early recovery- Recovery is very fast and the patient can be back to work with in a short span.
  • Less morbidity- There is no new wound formation and no extensive post operative dressings are required.
  • Short Hospitalization- The patient can usually be discharged in 12-24 hours after the procedure.
  •  No risk of Incontinence – There is absolutely no risk of incontinence even in high fistulas and complex fistulas. 
  • ‘Biological’ closure- This procedure is a biological closure of the fistula tract rather than a ‘Mechanical’ closure’ as in advancement flap.
  • Minimal foreign body reaction- Studies have shown that there is minimal foreign body reaction to the plug material.
  • High Success rate – Studies have shown the success rate of Anal Fistula Plug treatment to be in the range of 70-87%.

The Anal Fistula Plug is the indicated in treatment

  • High Fistula
  • Long,complex fistulas
  • Recurrent fistulas
  • Horse-shoe fistulas
  • Anterior radial fistulas
  • Crohn’s disease


  • Chances of Failure – Though Anal Fistula Plug has high success rate, still it is not successful in some patients.
  • Plug Extrusion- The plug can be extruded in 10-20% of cases.
  • Abscess formation- There can be abscess formation in 6-8%.
  • Rejection by body

VAAFT Anal Fistula Treatment Experience| Recovery time | Cost of Surgery

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