An anal fistula is quite a common problem these days. However, the reasons for its development can be uncountable. People usually get worried about it and due to lack of knowledge they don’t actually know that its treatment is possible. Yes, you can resort to surgery for anal fistula in Delhi that will surely relieve you from this problem.

Surgery for Anal Fistula in Delhi

You may find a number of specialists ensuring for certified results, however, it’s not that easy to find the best one. But if you are reading here, then surely you have found the best one. Dr. Ashish Bhanot is an expert surgeon, on whom you can rely for “surgery for anal fistula in Delhi”. His medical treatment history is no exception. Till now, he has treated innumerable patients and that too in an excellent way.
So, before this, let’s know about anal fistula in deep:

What does it exactly mean?

An anal fistula is a sort of small channel that starts developing between the nearby skin of the anus and the bowel end. It can be the result of a surgery for anal abscess drainage. The anal fistula can result in severe pain, bleeding and even continual discharge when passing stools. In most of the circumstances, it causes persistent drainage. In other cases, the outcomes are recurrent anal abscesses when the openings of the channel get closed down.

How could you know that you are suffering from anal fistula?

Here are the common symptoms after diagnosing which, you should take medical help:

  • Skin irritation, swelling, tenderness, redness around the anus.
  • Discharge of blood or pus
  • Fever
  • Constipation
  • Consistent pain

How could one diagnose it?

The anal fistula can be internal as well as external. It’s easy to diagnose external anal fistula. It results in inflamed, red external opening that discharges a mixture of blood and pus. So, you can recognize the symptoms and start getting its treatment for better health. However, the main challenge lies in diagnosing internal anal fistula. To recognize the internal opening, you have to depend on some tools and techniques after rushing to your specialist. Here are the techniques:

  • Proctoscopy & Anoscopy
  • Digital Rectal Examination
  • Fistulogram or MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)

Besides these tools, there are many more techniques available which can help you diagnose your problem, viz. Flexible Sigmoidoscopy, Fistula Probe, Colonoscopy, Diluted Methylene blue dye, etc. However, the usage of these tools particularly depends on anal fistula complications and other aspects.

What’s the best treatment for it?

Well, surgery is the best option, you can resort to. Don’t worry, it’s not dangerous. You will get relief after getting treated by Dr. Ashish Bhanot. Generally, the treatment doesn’t even require any dressing and there will not be any surgical wound too. Moreover, fecal incontinence risk is also minimal. Plus, it will take less time to recover. So, there’s no point of worry at all.
Getting the best treatment for anal fistula in Delhi is not easy. But not for you, as you are in right place now. Our expert doctor assures you the best results of surgery for anal fistula in Delhi. Contact us today and get relief from it forever.