An abnormal small tunnel or communication between the end of the bowel and the perianal skin is anal fistula. Dr. Ashish Bhanot, an experienced and eminent surgeon, provides the best medicine for fistula in Delhi  at Aum Clinics, Dwarka. Caused by inflammation of digestive system, anorectum cancer, syphilis, HIV, etc anal fistula is not harmful per se but can cause irritation and annoyance.

The drainage of pus irks people as it causes bleeding, pain and redness. Also, difficulty in passing stools is experienced by the patients. The smell that comes from the pus makes it all the more worse. People who have a history of rectal abscess are prone to the occurence of anal fistula.The collection of pus near the anus is rectal abscess. It is also known as anorectal abscess, perianal abscess or perirectal abscess.

Video assisted anal fistula treatment in Delhi is given to the patients suffering from fistula. Anal fistula is formed when rectal abscess or anal abscess fails to heal in a proper way. In order to get rid of infection and complications, surgery is done by the surgeon. With anal fistula comes pain, discomfort and stress,which is treated by home remedies as well by Dr Ashish Bhanot.

Now a best medicine for fistula in Delhi

There are many discomforts and symptoms which are the result of fistula like unpleasant smell, discharge of blood and pus, constipation, fever, itching, tenderness, bleeding, pain aggravates while sitting down, bowel related problems, itching, swelling, irritation on skin around anus, skin maceration, etc. The best medicine for fistula in Delhi is given by Dr. Ashish Bhanot at Aum Clinics, Dwarka.

LIFT technique, fibrin glue injection, fistula plug, cutting seton, PERFACT procedure, seton stitch, fistulotomy, advancement flap procedure, bioprosthetic plug, fistula clip closure, colostomy, etc. are some of the surgery done for treating anal fistula, The surgical wounds are small in the VAAFT treatment done by the surgeon as it is a minimally invasive surgery. Also, the patients who undergo this treatment can recover faster and there is no pain and scarring.

Home remedies and tips are also give by the doctor. We all know home remedies are something which we all can follow easily. So why complicate the situation? And why go for surgery! A rich diet is recommended to the patients which is full of fibers. Consumption of liquids must be dialled up. No one can deny the benefits of water and liquids. Sitz bath is also beneficial in treating fistula to a great extent.