What is Fistula in Ano or Anal Fistula?

Anal fistula is a passage that keeps running from inside the anus, the gap your body uses to dispose of strong waste – to some place in the skin around it. It is just like an infection that didn’t recuperate the correct way. Anal Fistula can cause tuberculosis, cancer, trauma or infections. Fistulas may occur singly or in multiples. Your specialist can repair the fistula, however you’ll require a medical procedure for that. Some symptoms for anal fistula are constant pain while sitting down, some irritation near anus with swelling and redness and bleeding or constipation.
Best Treatment for this disease is Anal Fistula Treatment by VAAFT which has one of the most successful Fistula treatments in India, which is Video-assisted Anal Fistula treatment. It is a novel negligibly obtrusive and sphincter-sparing system for treating complex fistulas. Karl Storz Video Equipment is utilized in this Anal Fistula treatment. Key advances are a representation of the fistula tract utilizing the fistuloscope, redress restriction of the inner fistula opening under direct vision, endoscopic treatment of the fistula and conclusion of the inside opening utilizing a stapler or cutaneous-mucosal fold. A demonstrative fistuloscopy underwater system is trailed by an agent period of fulguration of the fistula tract, a conclusion of the inside opening and suture fortification with fibrin thrombin stick. 
The principle highlight of the VAAFT strategy is that the system is performed totally under direct endoluminal vision. With this approach, the inward opening can be found in 82.6% of cases. Besides, fistuloscopy distinguishes any conceivable auxiliary tracts or unending abscesses. The VAAFT procedure is sphincter-sparing, and the careful injuries are to a great degree little.

Advantages of Video-Assisted Anal Fistula Treatment

It is Non-Invasive with very little pain and it can be cured very fast, so you can go back to the work quickly. If the surgery is failed, it can be used again. It has a very low risk of incontinence and is Good Minimally Invasive approach for complex profound situated abscesses and fistulas esp Crohn’s Fistulas. VAAFT can also be joined with some other system like Seton and standard open careful Method by having the capacity to specifically imagine and achieve high inside opening.