When tear gets created in the anus lining as a result of an injury or trauma, then it is known as anal fissures. Usually, these tears come while passing hard & large stools. Along with pain, it also causes bleeding after or even during the bowel moments. Its treatment is a necessity and for the best surgery for anal fissures in Dwarka, you can count on Dr Ashish Bhanot.

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Dr. Ashish Bhanot is an experienced doctor in this regard. So far, his every case has got 100% positive results. His goal remains in relieving one from discomfort and unnecessary pain.
Yes, there is a homeopathic treatment for fistula in Dwarka is also available and one can get cured of its pain without opting for any surgery, cuts and all. Dr. Ashish gives the homeopathic treatment as well. However, for the quick results and quick relieving of pain, surgery for anal fissures in Dwarka becomes a necessity.
With the advent of technology, now VAAFT, Video-assisted anal fistula treatment is also available. In VAAFT, Dr. Ashish makes use of Karl Storz Video Equipment. The “surgery for anal fissures in Dwarka” using VAAFT is also quite popular, but only the best and experienced doctors can do so.
If surgery is the only solution as your problem has been enlarged its good to go with VAAFT. Its proven results with least and smallest surgical wounds would be the best to get permanent relief. It is also known as fistuloscopy that helps in diagnosing any chronic abscess or secondary tracts.
Being performed under endoluminal vision, it gives better results. Along with treatment, you must take adopt some precautions so that it can’t trouble you any more. Dr. Ashish will guide you for the precautions besides giving the best treatment. So, contact him as soon as possible.