What Is FiLaC Laser Surgery for Fistula in ano-Anal Fistula

Anal Fistula is an ailment that most of the people suffer from but are not aware. It is an abnormal passage between the anus and perianal skin. Most anal fistulas occur due to an infection in an anal gland that spreads to the skin. The common symptoms include extreme anal pain, non-healing anal wounds, discharging boils formed near the anus, pus and watery discharge along with fever and chills.

Laser treatment for fistula can be sometimes more harmful than useful

Here is Story of patient who had undertaken Laser Surgery for Fistula. We have to understand main problem in fistula is leakage of air or stool into perinatal region leading to infection and recurrent pus formation. Unless internal opening is closed or dealt with just burning the granulation tissue by laser can never be helpful.

Recurrence after Laser Fistula Treatment FiLaC

Laser Fistula treatment can fail if not performed properly without dealing internal Leaking point Internal opening

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 Can FiLAC  be combined with VAAFT also known as Fistula Laser Closure is one of the the  treatments for anal fistulas. Who is Best doctor for FILAC treatment in Delhi for this treatment.It is a procedure that gently cures the anal fistula and also prevents the damage to the sphincter.cost of fistula laser surgery,
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