What is KsharSutra / Sharsutra / Seton treatment for fistula ?

The Ksharsutra was first mentioned by the “Father of Surgery” in his text named SUSHRUT – SAMHITA for the treatment of Nadi Vrana(sinus),Bhagandara (fistula- in – ano). How kshar sutra works is common question what is chemical of ksharsutra are commonly questioned but its a chemical seton which mainly help in drainage of pus and chemical cauterization.

Advantages of Kshar Sutra / Seton

1. Minimum trauma and no tissue loss, so minimum scar.
2. Less bleeding.
3. Minimal hospitalization; procedure can carried out under local anaesthesia.
4. There is low risk of recurrence.


1. Kshar Sutra is commonly in unhygienic clinics without proper facilities where risk of cross  infection is high from other infected patients.

2. It is commonly performed by untrained persons who are not knowing basic anatomy of body which can lead to wrong placement leading to formation of another fistula

3. Its a painful process during follow up many patients  who were allured by pinless claims are lost without getting complete treatment. 

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