Some people cannot express their pain. If that pain is a wound of a fatal disease, no one can express it. A similar situation occurs due to Anal Fistulas wounds. When a patient does not consult about this with any specialist, then, the patient doesn’t even get proper treatment and due to this, the disease gradually becomes like a wound and blood starts flowing i.e. bleeding. If you are facing the same problem of Anal Fistula and hesitant to talk to anyone about this so, come out from your hesitation and meet our specialist Dr. Ashish Bhanot, who will give you a completely painless Anal Fistula Surgery in Delhi.

Permanently fix the problem of Anal Fistula through Anal Fistula Surgery in Delhi

There is a tunnel in the anus, which is called anal fistula. This tunnel starts from inside the anus and ends up in the outer hole in the human body. With the help of this Anus tunnel, all the solid waste from the body emerges from the body. Sometimes due to some reason, the tunnel is blocked and clogged with bacteria.

When bacteria begin to form abscesses, a bacterial fluid starts to get out of the tunnel and the skin around the anus becomes infected. If proper treatment is not received, then infection becomes wound on the skin and many holes are formed near the anal opening point.

Sometimes, fistula is cured by the doctor’s repairs, if doctors are experts in this treatment, then fistula can be cured at the beginning or in the first stage. Dr Ashish Bhanot is a specialist in the treatment of Anal Fistula and an expert.

Till now, he has successfully solved more than 70 fistula cases through Video Assisted Anal Fistula TreatmentVAAFT Surgery, which is the safest and least expensive technique. He says the treatment, according to the condition/stages of the disease. If the condition of the patient is not serious then he suggests some home remedies or medicines, which can be cured quickly. Many times, he suggests for surgery, when the patient’s disease is at the last stage and when it cannot be cured by any other remedies or means.

He is an experienced doctor and best for the Anal Fistula Surgery in Delhi to get a painless and fast recovery, which provides by Dr. Ashish Bhanot.