A bad situation or condition occurs when a wound becomes a disease and does not get the right treatment at the right time to fix it. Just like Anal Fistula’s wounds. People hesitate to consult about it in starting stages and gradually, a wound turns into disease and continuously bleeding from it. Are you one of them too, and facing the same problem and want to fix it permanently? An Excellent Treatment and anal fistula surgery in Delhi will give you permanent relief from anal fistula problems.

Heal your anal fistula problem through Anal Fistula Surgery in Delhi

Sometimes, Anal fistula cures itself after repairs, but many times, if the treatment is not taken from the right doctor then this problem starts to grow. An anal fistula surgery in Delhi expert Dr. Ashish Bhanot has more than 15 years of experience in this field and has successfully treated more than 75 patients of fatal disease Anal Fistula, through a novel minimally invasive and sphincter-saving, fast recovery, a safe and affordable technique called Video Assisted Anal Fistula TreatmentVAAFT surgery.
Actually, A tunnel inside the anus, that ends up in the outer hole of the human body. Outer hole, from which all solid waste of the body emerges from the body. Sometimes, due to some reasons, the tunnel is blocked and clogged with bacteria and boils/ abscesses begin to form and turns into wounds, which infected the area around the anus and blood starts flowing out of it. When appropriate treatment is not found, many tunnels begin to form around the anus opening side of the body.
According to Dr. Ashish Bhanot, every stage of anal fistula does not require surgery. It can be cured quickly by adopting some precautions, such as keeping the proper cleaning of the body, proper diet and some home remedies or Ayurvedic medicines. Surgery is needed when the patient’s Anal Fistula is in the last stage or in bad condition and cannot be cured with any other remedies, precautions or medicines. He recommends some such home remedies, with the help of which, this disease can be cured in the beginning.
Meet once with the esteemed doctor, Dr.Ashish Bhanot for successful and pain-free Anal Fistula Surgery in Delhi. Surely, you will get permanent treatment.