Fistula in ano also known as Bhagandar is complicated disease and effects the life of person in such a way that he or she is not able to perform his usual duties/ work patient always suffers a feeling of discomfort in perineal region heaviness in bottom ( discomfort in ass ) with pus or blood discharge and even sitting is difficult and painful. Patient keeps looking for easier treatment options and keep taking tons of medicines in from of natural herbal treatment of piles and fistula or keeps on trying various home remedies for treatment of fistula but all fail finally worsening the disease and leading to a complex disease which was treatable at early stage with simple surgery like VAAFT or other surgical options. Its just like someone ignoring cancer and ultimately it spreads to extent that it becomes untreatable. More no. of years  a patient spends more is risk of complications and more difficult it becomes to treat leading to recurrence and complications. Dr Ashish Bhanot  leading  Bariatric Surgeon and Surgical Gastroenterologist expert in performing Vaaft Surgeon from Delhi, India said “Whatever the fears  recurrence or associated risks it must be treated at earliest opportunity.”