Hemorrhoids are veins in your anal area that have become swollen or inflamed. They easily are irritated because of their location, making them prone to bleeding, itching and infection. Hemorrhoids-Piles are one of the most common problems. Approximately 75% of people will have hemorrhoids at some point in their life. Hemorrhoids are most common among adults aged 45 to 65. Hemorrhoids are also very common in pregnant women. Dr Ashish Bhanot, a top rated surgical gastroenterologist and Bariatric Surgeon commonly treats hemorrhoids and can quickly alleviate your pain
While there are many techniques for eliminating problem hemorrhoids, IRC has been shown to be effective and fast acting. Dr. Bhanot best in class is using latest technique of applying IRC laser and has treated many patients successfully.
Laser hemorrhoids treatments use infrared light, a laser or an electrical current with the same efficiency. Infrared coagulation is conducted on an outpatient basis in the doctor’s office
Do You Suffer From Irritating and Painful Hemorrhoids?
Now you can find quick relief with a painless and non – surgical hemorrhoids treatment that is affordable and requires no anesthesia without taking long off from work. Dr Bhanot’s Piles Clinic utilize very effective, non – surgical hemorrhoid treatment called Infrared Coagulation (IRC), that has provided thousands of patients with immediate and lasting relief from hemorrhoids without surgery, anesthesia or lengthy recovery.
Hemorrhoids symptoms often begin with painless rectal bleeding. This blood can be seen on the toilet tissue and stool, and appears bright red. However, rectal bleeding may be a symptom of other anal-rectal disorders. Therefore, it is important to discuss this symptom with your physician when it occurs. Piles progress over time leading to itching, discharge and tissue prolapse (bulging). Hemorrhoids may reach a point where surgical intervention is the only treatment option. We feel it is better to treat hemorrhoids before they get to that point. With IRC your hemorrhoids can be treated during a regular office visit and it requires no preparation, anesthesia or activity restrictions.
What causes Piles hemorrhoids?
Hemorrhoids – Piles are caused by increased venous pressure often from a combination of things such as straining during bowel movements, chronic constipation and diarrhea, heavy lifting, pregnancy and genetics
How can I prevent hemorrhoids?
Hemorrhoids occur naturally. You can prevent aggravating hemorrhoids by having high fiber diet, also by avoiding constipation, prolonged straining at stool and aggressive wiping.
Piles treatment without Surgery / Medicine for Piles

There are many medical drugs available in Ayurvedic homeopathy and allopathic for control of acute bleeding but non-surgical treatments like piles banding cryotherapy for piles and infrared coagulation are effective means for treatment of early grade piles. Piles treatment at Dr Bhanot’s clinic no hospitalization required no general or spinal anesthesia required. No cutting, no dressings required in most of cases. Lady doctor for piles can also available on request for female patients.
Dr Bhanot’s Clinic has long of experience in bringing together personalized care, unparalleled cutting edge technology and our outcome-oriented programs, we offer you the most professional and advanced treatment of piles.

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