Is it the problem of recent, that your rectum and anus to is giving continuously acute pain? If you’re passing through such a situation then, immediately consult the best doctor of anal fistula. Maybe, it’s the problem of complex fistula, whose ultimate treatment is only anal Fistula Surgery.

What exactly is complex anal fistula and for its best prevention, which center is currently committed for the best anal fistula treatment in Delhi?

Before knowing about complex anal fistula, first, we have to understand what anal fistula is? Fistula is also known as anal fissure. It is an abnormal connection or swelling between two separate organs inside the tunnel, at the lower part of the intestine.

At the initial stage, it doesn’t cause any seriousness. But when the abscess keeps growing, it produces various kinds of serious complications such as non-stop acute pain, weakness, bleeding during a bowel movement, etc. This level is undoubtedly the condition of complex anal fistula.

A person becomes completely unable to walk, stand and sit properly, sometimes he is required to hospitalize too. And doctor suggests for anal fistula surgery as an ultimate option to prevent the growth of the abscess.

The option of surgery is to some extent works the best but not completely. In the case, of anal fistula surgery, the surgery cost is pretty much and it gives temporary relief to the patients. As after sometimes, another fistula growth at the same place, can definitely be expected.

Which is the Best Center of Anal Fistula Surgery In Delhi this time?

Delhi is the hub of countless no. of the center of anal fistula surgery in Delhi. But if you ask, which one is the Best Center of Anal Fistula Surgery In Delhi among them then; our answer is Aum Clinic, a top-ranked multi-specialty clinic in the whole Delhi. The clinic is equipped with various state of the art facilities, is used for the treatment of many complicated diseases and problems besides anal fistula.