An anal fistula is a kind of infection occurs when the glands inside the anus blocks. The blockage formed an infected cavity. Many times these infected cavities or abscess develop into a fistula. You can get the exact treatment of fistula with surgery for anal fissures in Dwarka.

An inevitable solution with surgery for anal fissures in Dwarka with Vaaft

Before considering the solutions of the disease, you need to know the reasons and symptoms of anal fistula. You feel pain and swelling around the anus when at first you have this problem. Also, you may feel pain with bowel movements with occurring bleeding. Due to the persistent bleeding or the drainage, you may feel the irritation of the skin around the anus.

Many times the patient suffers fever, chills and a general feeling of fatigue. If you face these all odd movements in the body, you need to consult with a health expert and if needed, you may approach surgery for anal fissures in Dwarka. In anal fistula, the blood vessels, intestine or other hollow organs are deeply connected and its recommended to consult surgery for anal fissures in Dwarka.

Anal is an external opening through which feces are expelled from the body. Sometimes feces process creates severe pain or shows infection. That is called fistula and in more confirms sense anal fistula. However, we can treat anal fistula with the help of improved diet and medication. But the permanent solution is surgery only.

The diagnosis for an anal fistula may be done by using a fistula probe. The examination can be an anoscopy. Vaaft, the best treatment for an anal fistula is recommended by all experts. Key instrument is Karl Storz video equipment is used for the treatment. The Key feature of Vaaft procedure is that the practice is executed completely under straight endoluminal vision. This manner not only able the surgeon to trace the exact infection but also helps to identify any possible secondary chronic abscesses.