Extreme Pain in anus, painful blood-shedding during passing stool, does not mean that you are suffering from Piles problem. It can happen due to anal fistula. Yes! These are also symptoms of complex anal fistula. But the common problem is people are not aware of anorectal diseases and this leads to confusion. So, how you can differentiate these two? Or What if you are suffering from anal fistula? Is there any Best Doctor For FILAC Treatment In Delhi? So many questions are revolving in your mind? Well, give a break to all your queries and read this blog. Here, you will get all your answers one by one. So, why to wait? Let’s proceed with your queries.

Piles and Anal Fistula: What are the differences?

Main Causes – Piles occurs due to the inflammation and swelling of the blood vessels. It can increase the pressure in the lower rectum. Piles can occur internally or externally. But, the anal fistula is always internal and it caused due to the infection in the opening of anal.

Disease Symptoms: Bright red blood while passing stool, anus area is red, itchy, and sore, painful lumps can be felt around the anus at the time of Piles. Whereas, the symptoms of anal fistulas are fever, discharge of blood or pus from the opening of anal. If you are observing these symptoms in anal, consult the best doctor for FILAC treatment.

Discharge of Puss: In piles, there is no chance of puss discharge. However, in the case of anal fistula, patients can observe the puss drainage from the site (anal opening).

Sac Opening– In piles, there are no external opening. But, for anal fistula, you can find two openings on both ends. One of them is in the anal opening.

Where to go for getting the best treatment for Piles or Anal Fistula?

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