Usually a fistula is formed when an organ gets injured or inflamed. An anal fistula is a fistula formed inside your anus and the skin around it is also infected. It is the most commonly occurring fistula. Anal fistulas can be very much treated but there is always a chance of their recurrence. The chances of recurrence mainly depends on the method of treatment. Anal fistulas cannot be treated with simple medications and an anal fistula surgery is the best mode of treatment.

Nowadays, people steer clear from traditional surgeries and opt for more non-invasive techniques. Such techniques are less risky than traditional surgeries and give more or less the same results. It is also observed that such techniques also reduce the rate of recurrence of anal fistulas. Thus, these techniques are getting more and more popular day by day. Laser treatment and VAAFT are such non-invasive techniques that prevent you from big cuts or deep wounds.

Advantages of Having Laser Treatment

There are some major advantages of laser treatment for anal fistula:

  •         Only low to negligible pain felt during this procedure and only sometimes local anaesthesia is used.
  •          Recovery is pretty fast and the patient can resume his/her work almost immediately.
  •          The chances of risks and complications are very low in this procedure.
  •          It is a very quick treatment i.e. takes only 15 minutes.
  •          It is an almost bloodless procedure.
  •          Moreover, the chances of recurrence of the fistula are greatly reduced by this procedure.

If there are many complications in fistula then anal fistula surgery in Delhi is preferred. But usually doctors go with laser treatment as it has many advantages over the normal surgeries.

Where to go for treatment?

If you are suffering from an anal fistula then you might as well go to the best doctor for it i.e. Dr Ashish Bhanot. He is famous for treating anal fistulas and is an expert in various techniques of treating anal fistulas. He has successfully treated many patients having an anal fistula and he also has a stellar track record. What else are you looking for? If you have an anal fistula then consult Dr Ashish Bhanot today!

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