Fistula disease demands immediate treatment, as even the slightest carelessness will be enough to worsen the situation. Fistula laser treatment and surgery are the most known and trusted ways to treat the disease. A Fistula is notorious for its high recurrence rate especially if treatment is not taken completely.

In normal treatment, the fistula tract is removed from a surgical knife, but this causes a lot of pain demanding prolonged bed rest after surgery. That’s why laser treatment is considered as the most relying option for fistula. A successful laser treatment is a guarantee of permanent solution.

What about after treatment precautions ???

Yes, certainly there are a number of do’s and don’ts one needs to follow after a fistula treatment. Here is a brief account of those precautions.

1 Keep the wound site clean

The very first thing to do is, keep your wound site clean, otherwise it can cause infection leaving you in a big problem. Taking a bath with warm water will be best. Gently clean the wound area without missing it for even a single day. But be cautious, never use soap and putting any salt or perfumed product until unless your wound is completely healed. It may cause irritation to your wound.

2 Painkillers      

After treatment you will need to take pain killers as you may feel pain for some days. It will also help you dealing with the pain when you will go to toilet.

3 What about work, job and normal activities

Well, generally it takes few days to start your routine work but it differs from person to person. You can start from the basic daily routine activities but remember not to do anything which gives strain to the wounded area. Whenever you feel tired take rest or going for a sound sleep will be even better.

4 Diet precautions – Take as much fluids as you can but with doctors consultation. Other high-fibre foods such as vegetables, beans, fruits, whole grains etc. should get a good share in your plate. You can continue with your normal diet but just avoid ( as you can understand) spicy and high fat food.

Actually, not matter which disease you are suffering from and whatever treatment you have taken, the secret of getting rid of a disease is, honest following of precautions and an unshakable determination to overcome the difficult days with inner strength and patience.