When the skin around the anus is getting tear is called an anal fissure. This situation is very painful as well as uncomfortable, mainly when one goes for defecation or after that also. It may bleed as well. Generally, children and the younger ones are the sufferers. It’s an effective treatment, anal Fistula Surgery in delhi has healed many and continue in this mission.

Get Relief with the Reliable Surgery for Anal Fistula Surgery in Delhi

Anal Fistula Surgery in Delhi is being done with modern types of equipment and techniques under the supervision of experts. Reasons may vary from person to person, like, irregular bowel habits and straining at stools, frequent diarrhea, severe constipation, straining during childbirth, over tight anal sphincter muscles or any Injury to the anal canal but the solutions are definite.

Surgery is necessary for the case when a person suffers from anal fissures. But as the technology has bestowed human beings with marvelous creations VAAFT, is one the safest technique in which there is a possibility of minimum invasion.  However, This technique actually means a video telescope to allow surgeons to see inside the fistula tract, a unipolar electrode for diathermy of the internal tract. This is connected to a high-frequency generator.

At the same time a fistula brush and forceps for cleaning the track and clearing any granulation tissue. With  VAAFT, Dr. Ashish Bhanot deals out, with the modern advances and it leaves no surgical wounds on the buttocks. Indeed, it deals with mainly the place of the internal fistula opening.

Surgery for anal fissures in Dwarka by VAAFT technique is cost-effective and needs a shorter and less expensive preoperative workup than older techniques. Along with this patient will have a short recovery period and an early return to work. So don’t get suffer from anal fissures as health problems are not to ignore, but to use the options available to you to help turn things around and that also by expert and at the reasonable cost.

So rush for Video-assisted anal fistula treatment (VAAFT) for treating complex fistulas. The patient will be cured by  KarlStorz Video Equipment and the most important with care and in the home environment which will make the patient feel at home and comfortable. The special care and guidance will help to deal with the problem.