Anal Fistula which is also known as fistula-in-ano is a small channel that can be developed between the end of the anal canal and skin near the anus. This can lead to severe pain, discomfort and cause bleeding at the time of passing tools. A fistula generally occurred after the surgery to drain the perianal abscess. A complex anal fistula can increase your trouble if left treated for a long time. Hence, it is highly recommended to get FILAC Treatment In Delhi from the reputed doctor before time so that there will be no complications in the future.

What are the main causes of Anal Fistula?

There are many causes of complex anal fistula but the main reason behind its occurrence is Injury. Yes! You heard this absolutely right. Injury to the skin at the opening in anal is primarily due to hard, dry bowel movement. Apart from that, other causes are –

  • Anal Intercourse/Foreign body Insertion
  • Digital Insertion (during examination)
  • Pregnant women may have to suffer from a fissure during Childbirth

What are the Suitable Options For Fistula?

For managing anal fistula, surgery is being performed by an experienced doctor who assesses the extent and depth of the fistula tract. These are the two types of surgery which is used for the treatment.

  • Minimal Invasive Fistula Treatment (MAFT) Or VAAFT – This is a minimally invasive laparoscopic technique that is highly recommended by doctors.
  • Fistulotomy/Fistulectomy – Fistula can be treated with this procedure in which the skin and muscle over the tunnel are just like open groove. This allows the fistula tract to heal from inside and outside.

What is Minimally invasive anal fistula treatment?

MAFT is also known as VAAFT which is used for the treatment of complex anal fistula. You can use MAFT and VAAFT alternatively.

How the procedure performed?

In this process, the fistula path is examined with the help of an endoscope as it helps to determine the point of the internal opening of the fistula. This is followed by the internal opening, closing which is done through the stapler. Also, the entire fistula tract is getting destroyed under direct telescopic vision by electrocautery. Undoubtedly, VAAFT is safe and effective for FILAC Treatment.

To know everything related to Video-assisted anal Fistula treatment, watch this video. Here, Delhi’s eminent surgeon Dr Ashish Bhanot is providing you details of every single thing related to fistula treatment.

What are the advantages of VAAFT?

  • There will be no damage to the anal sphincters
  • No surgical wounds in perianal region or buttocks
  • This can be done in a daycare procedure
  • The dressing can be done easily
  • Early Recovery as patients can back to daily routines after getting the treatment

Where to get the treatment?

Dr. Ashish Bhanot is the Best Doctor For FILAC Treatment In Delhi. He is highly renowned for giving safe and effective treatment so that patients can get rid of pain and discomfort for a lifetime. So, why to wait? Get the best treatment without any delay!

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